Wagner research group

Group members


Lucas Wagner
Group Leader

Lucas has over (at this point much more than...) a decade's experience in computing the properties of many-body quantum systems from first principles. His specialty is quantum Monte Carlo calculations, in which he has made several contributions, both in methodology and software. While he has many interests, the overarching theme of his research is using computers to study systems of electrons that fall beyond the normal paradigms of metals and insulators.

Scott Jensen
Postdoctoral Associate

Scott joined the group in 2020, and is working on simulations of interacting systems to obtain accurate phase diagrams.

William Wheeler
Graduate Student

William joined the group in January 2016. He is currently working on the information content of many-body wave functions, and data analysis.

Kittithat (Mick) Krongchon
Graduate Student

Mick is working on automating electronic structure calculations in such a way that quantum Monte Carlo calculations can be performed more easily. He is working on van der Waals interactions in 2D systems.

Vasilios (Billy) Passias
Graduate Student

Billy is working on surface states in realistic models of topological systems.

Kevin Kleiner
Graduate Student

Kevin joined the group in 2019. He is interested in electron-phonon interactions and defects in correlated systems

Chun Yu Chow
Graduate Student

Chun Yu joined in 2020. He is working on cuprates.

Nirvaan Khedra
Graduate Student

Nirvaan joined in 2020. He is working on machine learning approaches to the many-body problem.

Sonali Joshi
Graduate Student

Sonali joined in late 2020. She is working on high accuracy calculation for materials design.


Alexander Muñoz
Graduate Student

Alex joined the group in Fall 2015. His thesis was on magnetic systems and several machine learning applications. He graduated in 2023 and is moving on to a job at Los Alamos.

Yueqing Chang
Graduate Student

Yueqing joined the group in fall 2016. Her thesis was on spin-orbit coupling in correlated electron systems, and learning emergent models from ab initio calculations. She graduated in 2022 and moved on to a postdoc at Rutgers.

Shunyue Yuan
Undergraduate Student

Shunyue joined in 2020, and is working on measures of electronic correlation. She moved on to a graduate student position in Cal Tech.

João Nunes Barbosa Rodrigues

Joao joined in summer of 2017. He is working on effective models in graphene and descriptors for superconductivity. He is now a professor at U. ABC in Brazil.

Shivesh Pathak
Graduate Student

Shivesh joined the group in 2016. He is currently working on enhancing QWalk's capabilities. He graduated in 2021 and is currently at Sandia National Lab.

Kiel Williams
Graduate Student

Kiel is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow who is learning how to improve many-body wave functions in realistic systems. He joined the group in summer of 2013, and graduated in 2020. He now works for a data analytics company.

Awadhesh Narayan

Awadhesh got his PhD from Trinity College Dublin, where he studied the transport of spins in materials. His interest in this group was the prediction of new strongly correlated materials that may have quite unusual properties. After a productive stint in the group, he has moved to ETH-Zurich to work with Nicola Spaldin.

Hitesh Changlani

Hitesh hails from Cornell and specializes in many-body quantum methods, mostly as applied to model lattice systems. His work in this group has focused on formalizing the link between the high energy (for condensed matter) physics of electrons and the low-energy qualitative descriptions that we use to talk about materials. Hitesh is a prolific collaborator and also worked with Shinsei Ryu, Taylor Hughes, Bryan Clark, and David Ceperley in the physics department at UIUC. He is now professor at Florida State.

Huihuo Zheng
Graduate Student

Huihuo has many interests, including correlated metal-insulator transitions, new methods for quantum Monte Carlo, and effective Hamiltonians. He joined the group in spring of 2012 and graduated in 2016. He is now a postdoc at Argonne National Lab.

Li Chen
Graduate Student

Li studied correlated metal-insulator transitions in realistic systems. She joined the group in summer of 2014. She is currently working at Goldman Sachs.

Yanbin Wu
Associated Graduate Student

Yanbin is a student of Narayan Aluru who is working with the group on calculating the interaction of water with 2D materials. He graduated in 2016 and is currently living in Houston.

Brian Busemeyer
Graduate Student

Brian is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow who is using quantum Monte Carlo methods to study superconducting materials. He joined the group in August 2013 and graduated in 2018. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Flatiron Institute.

Olabode Sule
Associated Graduate Student

Bode was a student of Shinsei Ryu who was implementing spin-orbit interactions in QWalk.

Jack Meister
Undergraduate student

Jack did his senior thesis on visualizing correlations in electronic systems.

Daniel Jiang
Undergraduate student

Daniel did some work on extending the averaging programs for QWalk.

Martin Graham
Undergraduate student

Martin did his senior thesis on improving the time step error in diffusion Monte Carlo.

Matt Ho
Undergraduate Student

Matt is working on data-mining approaches to understanding trends in correlated electron materials.

Ping-Ko Cho
Undergraduate Student

Ping-Ko worked on faster implementations of QMC techniques

Jeremy Morales
Associated Graduate Student

Jeremy was a student of Peter Abbamonte who studied magnetic models for unconventional superconductors.

Cooper Lorsung
Undergraduate student

Cooper is benchmarking different techniques for computing thermodynamic quantities from first principles.

Yiqing Zhou
Undergraduate student

Yiqing worked on implementing and improving algorithms in pyqmc in 2019-2020.

Sohm Apte
Undergraduate student

Sohm worked on implementing Jastrow factors in pyqmc in 2019.